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Studio Coco Flip

We celebrate the good things in life.

Coco Flip is a Melbourne based furniture and lighting design studio established in 2010 and run by us, Kate Stokes and Haslett Grounds. We work closely with local craftspeople and manufacturers to create lasting products with depth of character.
We draw extensive inspiration from travel. New destinations and cultures help us see things from a fresh perspective and renew our enthusiasm for design. We also spend a large amount of time researching new materials and processes. It helps us form boundaries to influence interesting ideas afforded by material constraints. 
Our design process begins with a mood or tone. Whether it's a place, character or feeling, we want to imbue objects with personality. Play is a crucial part of the process – we believe the best ideas come when you least expect. 
For us, it's important to remember that finding the right manufacturer, or developing a product, takes time and patience. It's part of our appreciation of slowness in life and work. We place a high value on time, as it allows us to contemplate and digest ideas thoroughly. We are not settled until all is settled.  
These are the values that compel us to do what we do – to create distinctive work for people who celebrate great quality and a lust for life. 


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