All progressive historic milestones, from the vote for women to marriage equality, were once considered idealistic fantasies. At a time with extreme social, political and ecological uncertainty, it’s instinctive for designers to dream of utopian solutions. Being impractical can shift the impossible to inescapable, and is the only way to design the world we want. Up to Us is an exhibition for Melbourne Design Week 2022, curated by Sally Piskuric & Alison Lasek. 

Up to Us

Up to Us brings together women from a range of disciplines and asks them to choose a female practitioner to collaborate with. Together they have produced a creative response to the question: 'What if it is up to us?' If you dismiss their visions as unattainable dreams, you’d be largely inaccurate. Utopianism is fuel for transformation. It has long inspired women and collectives to come together, to create movements for change. Up to Us features new work from talented female creatives including Beci Orpin, Adele Winteridge (Foolscap Studio), Evi O, Jo Hook (Jo Hook Solutions), Josie Young, Katherine Kemp (Zwei Interiors & Architecture), Tai Snaith, Kate Stokes (Coco Flip), Pascale Gomes-McNabb, Amanda Dziedzic, Fatuma & Laurinda Ndenzako (Collective Closets), Mirella Arapian (Mek, Womentor), Tea Uglow (Google Labs), Ella Reweti, Jess Lilley (The Open Arms), Crystal Fong (Apostrophe), Courtney Holm (A.BCH), Robyn Brazenall (Robyn & Leon), Amy Mills, Lily Gloria and more.Up to Us

Up to Us
March 17 – 27, 2022
Le Space Gallery
1 Mater Street
Collingwood 3066

Kate Stokes has collaborated with glass artist Amanda Dziedzic of HotHaus to create a light sculpture titled Andromeda. Combining Amanda's glass blowing skills and Kate's lighting design experience, Andromeda is a sculptural piece that explores motherhood, isolation and community. Organic mouth-blown glass forms stack to form a stoic, graceful structure that can be lit from within. 



While gender roles have evolved enormously over the last few decades, the loneliness and isolation that is so commonly experienced by new mums is an ongoing challenge. Andromeda explores themes of balance and support, and the crucial role that community and partners can play in enabling career satisfaction, mental wellbeing, and equal opportunities for women. We liken this community to a constellation of stars, that together form a tower of strength, giving the best and brightest illumination whilst supporting each other.



Andromeda is currently being auctioned online, with all proceeds donated to Djirra and Safe Steps.

Andromeda Online Auction

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Illustration by Samantha Curicio
Photography by Kristopher Paulsen



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