For Melbourne Design Week 2023, we have developed a series of experimental works that focus primarily on the potential of pleating in a contemporary context.

LINEAR is an exhibition and short film posing two questions; What is the value of our local artisan industry? And what stands to be lost when these industries are no longer viable? 

In an effort to highlight the history and legacy of Specialty Pleaters, an almost century-old pleating factory, the pieces explore various systems of clamping, hanging, and pinning pleats to create lighting sculptures. Combining pleated linen with reclaimed timber, the material contrast emphasises the delicate, nuanced, and ephemeral nature of pleating. Inspired by modernist architecture, the interface between materials, and ceremony, these lights offer a warm glow, much the same as a glimpse through a window at dusk.

Accompanying the works in LINEAR is a short, documentary-style film sharing Coco Flip’s collaborative approach to working alongside local makers and taking inspiration from their traditional methods of production.

The film, produced by Silky Jazz Films, reveals the creative process, the beauty in industry, and shares a deeper insight into the history of Melbourne's last remaining pleating factory.



LINEAR was part of Melbourne Design Week 2023, an initiative of the Victorian Government in collaboration with the NGV. 

Special thanks to Simon Zdraveski, Antuong Nguyen, Sean Brickhill, John Beckwith, Pitimati Nimmanheminda, and Marsha Golemac for their valued contributions. 

The first editions of our Linear series have sold, but we are now taking pre-orders on a few pieces for limited production. 

See available pieces here

Images by Pier Carthew




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